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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> the leader of a skinhead group that got its start here in the bay area has been killed. the tv episode that gained this hate group nationwide attention. >> even the police chief wants to know is this a case of cops behaving badly? what one officer did so nobody could see what he was doing. >> and just what kind of power does this man have? we will show you what happened the moment steve jobs stepped out onto the stage today. >> and the check engine light for your health. the new device that knows something is wrong. it tells you if you fled to see a doctor soon or go to the hospital immediately. >> and good evening. i'm ken batista. many. >> i'm dana king. an important player of the
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white supremaci association t is dead, a fellow skinhead under arrest. >> he led a group here and gained attention in an episode of a talk show. if you weren't white and straight this guy hated you. >> first of all i think it's important to note david lynch was a hard core hater . this was a guy with a lot of hate rid for anyone not just like him. >> reporter: they have been tracking david lynch since 1988 when he and a little known group called the american front started a brawl on the j era ldo show that broke the host's nose. they started in san francisco. >> up and down the state of california, there is been a number of hate crimes, especially targeting african americans and they have been beat and attacked, stabbed.
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>> reporter: immigrants and gays weren't spared either. it was this rival skinhead now accused not sparing lynch, turning his quarter century of hate into a murder. >> i'm not surprised with his murder. i am surprised with how it happened. >> reporter: he was shot and killed in his bedroom in a home he owned just outside sacramento. a woman was shot also but lived. it's believed the murder will send shock waves through the movement. >> he is a big time name. >> reporter: nearly a decade ago he took control of the american front. deputies call him unassuming and likable and that made him successful at he recruiting angry young white men. >> he could sort of bridge gaps with other hate groups and others were just attracted to him. >> reporter: will his death slay his drop? >> here is the thing to
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remember. just because he is gone doesn't mean somebody else isn't waiting in the wings to take up the mantle >> police sources say he got involved in the american front after a casual meeting in a bookstore while he was still in high school. the group's membership is unknown and that worries authorities, especially now that they know recruitment continues online. >> pretty fascinating story. thank you for that. >> the united states court said you may not like the cur group nah demonstrates at military funerals but they have a right to do it. justices ruled 8-1 in favor of the church. the group makes headlines for demonstrating outside of fuel funerals of fallen military members claiming that god is punishing the military for the nation's tolerance of gays. the court ruled the first amendment protects even hurtful speech. this video just in from the
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berkeley campus. demonstrators have occupied wheeler hall, part of what they are calling a day of rage to protest education cuts. riot police are on stand by there. they started making arrests about a half hour ago. the newspaper said at least six have been taken in to custody and there are still ten protesters inside the building. there is a crowd outside to cheer them on. >> the undercover police officer was doing their job, but tonight accusations that they overstepped their authority and what's more, they lied about it. joe vasquez showing us the surveillance tape. >> reporter: two incidents caught on camera in the 5th floor hawway of the henry hotel. watch as a group of people approach an apartment, they are undercover cops. the guys appear to put in a
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key, unlock the door, walk in and start making arrests. according to the public defender the cops barged in and didn't get permission. in their written police reports the officers claimed they asked a woman and she said it was okay. in the second video you see another group of people come in, then watch this, a police officer turns around and puts his hand up over the camera. he eventually lowers his hand and walks away. was he hiding something? according to the woman while the camera was blocked she was coerced into giving permission to let them go in. >> it's violating constitutional rights. >> reporter: a public defender said a judge dropped the case with the blocked camera on monday. prosecutors threw the other case out. >> wow. wow. dropped charged.
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we still got attacked. we still g discredited. >> reporter: residents say police are given a passkey but shouldn't be given a pass on any bad behavior. >> if there is criminal wrongdoing it'll be dealt with. >> reporter: the da and police chief have launched investigations. i asked the chief is there any police procedure calling for an officer to block a camera? >> no but we also -- the officers have to have the opportunity to talk about why in fact they did that. i have concerns when you read the report and look at video there are issues on the written report verses the video and we will have to look into them. >> reporter: the man who was arrested for possession of heroin and crack is back out on the streets because his case was dropped. the da said he is launching an independent investigation but the public defender said wait, what's so independent? you were the police chief in december and january when the cases were going on so it's not clear if an outside agency will
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come back in but that's what the public defender wants. >> we will see what happens. thank you. >> a bay area teacher is on paid leave after one of his students made a panicked call to the police. listen. >> he is throwing things and -- screaming at us like he is going crazy. >> the 8th grader made that call from the school bathroom yesterday afternoon. she said that the teacher was yelling and throwing things to get the attention of the students. when police arrived they didn't find anything out of the ordinary. >> he found calm students, calm teacher. >> when you have a situation where a student makes an allegation that they feel threatened then we feel a strong obligation to investigate what the facts of that case are. >> the police consider this case closed. the teacher will remain on paid
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leave while the district investigates. other bay area headlines a run away teen possibly armed prompted albany to lockdown all of its schools today. the superintendent asked for the lockdown after reports that john scott was in the area. his father reported him missing. federal, state and local law raided two bay area card rooms today. the oaks card club in emoryville and arcichoke's joe's. it's focusing on loan sharking illegal gambling. >> steve jobs showed up in san francisco to reveal the i-pad 2. he has been on medical leave since january and today's appearance comes after a report that said he was nearly dead. a minute or two after he walked
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onto the stage apple stock started trading higher. >> tomorrow is the third and final day of the federal hearings in to the pg&e pipeline explosion. lindaee report that people in san bruno are scratching their head offer the revelation that came out today. >> reporter: the deadly pipeline explosion that leveled a neighborhood and the fire chief said he had no idea a gas transmission line was under the town. >> the fire department was only aware -- we thought the gas system was what -- serviced the city. we didn't know that there was a transmission line through the city until after the incident. >> reporter: the people who lived through the blast are stunned. dennis still can't believe a pg&e supervisor testified automatic shut off valves weren't necessary. >> it was like no big deal.
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if they had gone off a lot of damage could have been prevented and maybe he would feel different if his family was running from something like that. maybe they should think about that. >> reporter: this lot is where the family home once stood. its right across from the blast site. they were home that night and barely escaped. for the past two days they have been pay agriculture tension to the hearings in washington and they have mixed feelings. >> and the flames started rolling toward my house. >> reporter: bob still can't forget the night. he hopes the hearings will force them to make safety chances. >> i want to see anything go through what we have gone through. it's a nightmare you can't wake up from, it's a slow healing process that takes a long time to recover from. >> reporter: five months after the blast fences surround empty lots and the people who live here are still nursing the scars that aren't easily going
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away. cbs5. >> it's a tax california pays every month, supposedly to find clean energy. coming up see how more than $60 million in money you gave to pg&e is being spent. >> and why the pope is telling catholics to stop blaming the jews. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's supposed to pay for rese . did you notice it? it's on your bill. 19-cent surcharge that's supposed to pay for research into clean energy. all california residents pay it and it adds up to $62 million a year. it turns out the california energy commission has been using it to study things like salmon habitat, restoration and bird migration habits. >> is this the best priority for tomorrow? who knows but we stand by that as an appropriate example of peer research. >> reporter: when do the rate play payers recover their cost to see a reduction in rate?
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>> reporter: they say research saves money, the energy sur charge expires next year unless lawmakers and the governor decide to continue it. >> you know that little check engine light that comes on in the car? now there is a new device that works the same way for your health. grace lee introduces you to the santa rosa man testing an early warning system for heart attack patients. >> my wife says i think you are having a heart attack, we need to get to you the hospital now. >> reporter: when richard boyd had a heart attack in june he thought it was arthritis because it started a shoulder pain. >> classic symptoms are hand to the chest crushing, squeezing chest pain, elephant on my chest but it's not always the case. >> reporter: that's why he believes in the angel med guardian, a device implanted in the chest. it serves as an early warning system to patients know when they are about to have a heart
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attack. >> every 30 minutes you loose heart muscle. >> reporter: the fda hasn't approved it yet. richard is the first to get it in northern california for the clinical trial making him a possible pioneer in technology. >> this is the device that sits right here. >> reporter: a they say it's a relatively simple procedure. >> we insert it through the vein into the heart as with you see on this screen right here. we screw it into the heart muss example that's where it stayed. it doesn't hurt. >> reporter: once it's in place it measures the electrical activity of the heart. because it's inside the muscle it's considered to be more sensitive than a regular ekg. it warns that trouble is coming
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even before symptoms show. the first alert is under the skin, a patient will feel a vibration, second 9 patient has to carry a small black box that will beep if there is a roll problem. in it doesn't need immediate attention it'll tell you to call a doctor with in a day and flash yellow. if it's an emergency the box flashes red and the patient should call 911 immediately. >> it's a new concept where we will get them way ahead of time action even before the patient knows something has had happened to them. >> richard hopes he never see that warning light but he knows that with a stint there is a higher risk for a repeat heart attack. for him the device gives him peace of mind so he won't have to worry about every pain unless he needs to.
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>> with this new system you don't have to panic. >> doctors say there are possible problems, patients could get infection, the device could fail or it could penetrate the heart muscle though that's considered to be rare. it's still several years before it could be available to the public but i wanted to show you what it looked like this is what's inside. it's pretty long, wrapped in plastic and has a tiny tube which is how to measures the electrical activity. >> that goes into the heart and if you have problems it can jump start you. >> one end into the heart and the other into the device and it stays inside. >> wow. amazing technology. >> i know. >> thank you. >> the pope says jews not to blame for the death of jesus. the pope says the temple people and supporters of barrabas were
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behind it. in response to the idea that all jews to blame he asks how could the whole people have been present at this moment? the church officially exon era ted them in the 60s but this is the first time it's come from a pope. >> all right. we are waiting on your forecast for the rest of the week. >> as you are aware we had some rain showers to kick start the morning and at this hour we are still picking up very light precipitation, mainly north of the golden gate bridge. there you have it by the green on the screen. with the random scattered shower tonight temperature wise into the 40 and into the low 50s the winds have gone back considerablely. we still have a scattered shower in the offing. this is interesting doings watch this impressive area of low pressure sweep through the bay area and hook up to the north as it did so it took all the precipitation into the san
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rafael area with nearly two inches of rain. the south bay and eastern portion of the district pretty void of rain. in fact mountain view, we have a long wave behind it, that's what will reinforce the cloud cover for your thursday with that scattered shower throughout the day. number wise into the 50s and low 60s, not to far off the mark for this time of year. a more seasonal day on friday and we will have partly sunny skies, then the clouds thick thicken on saturday. we will see rain sloping, looks like a heavy system providing rain showers for everybody on the second half of the weekend. a cloud cover with a slight chance of a rain chance or two, otherwise we dry out on tuesday, wednesday it's still wintertime and big sent us this photograph in case you forgot what it looked like.
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we invite you to keep the photographs coming. >> thank you. >> what happened to lombardi springs. >> where? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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loralee underhill wants to know: . used to bring people from miles around. laura lee wants to know what happened to lombardi springs on highway 92 and that's tonight's good question. >> every day hundreds of drivers pass by, most hardly notice the metal pipe that used to draw thousands of people to this spot every year. >> i think most anybody that ever traveled route 92 noticed that there was a place that people stopped to get water. >> reporter: they remember the turn out that everybody called lombardi springs named after the division of highways workman who found it. >> people would pull over on the two lane highway and get the water jugs out of the trunk of the car and stop and draw water from this pipe. >> reporter: weekends would produce long lines of cars waiting to fill up because many believed the water was special.
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>> lombardi springs the water was the best water that you could possibly get. pure and the most flavorful. >> reporter: the spring brought cool, clearwater for decades until 1997 when the state decided it needed to widen the highway. the pipe was shut off, the spring diverted and never reopened. state said traffic would be a problem, besides test results showed the water had traces of e-coli. >> this modern world of ours people start getting concerned about germs and -- i never heard of anybody getting sick on lombardi's great water. >> reporter: go to, click on connect to send me your good questions. >> get ready for the most controversial sports cast of the year. a soccer player suspended and a byu player kicked off the team. you will never guess why. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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benched their starting center tonight in washington. . are the warriors admitting another postseason vacation in first round pick made the first start of his career against the
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wizards replacing andres. you -- not great but the warriors led by nine at half. moving ahead to the 4th warriors up ten but young buries three of his 31 and the lead is cut to seven. 1 minute 50 to go. wizards down by five but ellis steps back, drains it, he had 21, currie had 29, warriors win their first game since the break. san francisco high school playoffs, top seed mission, alex forcing the turnover. porter, mission escapes 69-66. they would face the winner of lowell and washington. scored two of his game high 23 on a break. washington wins, they will play mission friday. watch this guy circle.
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that's brian day. one of the top young producers in the industry. phoenix looking more and more like the coliseum. gave up a couple runs but not the double play. a's win. warning tonight on the top five. the video may be disturbing. at number five, moreno fined $560, for kicking the opposing team's mascot. the owl later died. we are showing you the video to expose the idiof. number four, islanders -- through the legs and through louisville and providence, looking good and the cardinals beat them. number two not a good night for jim, he and cougars beatly new mexico by 18 points. number one might explain why.
11:31 pm
>> number one? >> leading rebounder was kicked off the team because he admitted to having premarital sex with his girlfriend which is a part of the school honor code. they ask to live a chaste life, you must use clean language, attend church and abstain from alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee and substance abuse. no wonner ken went to san francisco state. >> that's cold. >> i did two of those right. >> yeah. again that's why you went to sf state. >> thank you. >> which two? >> who else can say they are a hall of famer but you? >> we will be right back. >> how many years? >> probably --. >> all right. >> ,,,,
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[ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13.g breaths ] i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. . who is vanessa hatchings? >> he she has

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